This is our full onsite solution that can be customised to suit the needs of companies of all sizes and from most industry sectors. We offer a free onsite waste management audit so that we can accurately assess your waste generation and from there, our team will tailor a waste management service that suits your individual needs.

Our onsite services include:

  • Trained consultants to regularly assess the waste generated by your business and optimise your solution.
  • Placement of onsite sorters and the required equipment to maximise the extraction of recyclables and ensure a minimum disposal of waste.
  • Transportation of sorted recyclable material to our baling facilities with our own fleet of over 150 vehicles.
  • Waste that can’t be recycled is evaluated to find sustainable and environmentally responsible alternatives to landfill.
  • Expert and accurate reporting.

To date, we have staff in over 150 sites in Gauteng alone and each site is serviced according to its individual requirements. The benefit of being onsite isn’t merely that you have a single point of contact. You also get the advantage of our ability to understand and manage your waste from an onsite perspective. This in turn allows us to reduce the amount of waste generated and decrease your environmental impact by keeping your waste out of landfill. Ultimately, we’ll be better placed to streamline your waste flow and ensure environmental responsibility and legal compliance.

Additionally, we have also identified and developed sustainable and responsible solutions for the non-landfill disposal of non-recyclable or hazardous waste.

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