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REmade partners with Recycle4rescue

Late in 2017, Judy Knox had a dream to raise money to help her community’s animals in need. But how? And who would work with her?

After knocking on many tightly shut doors, she finally knocked on the door of Remade Recycling. Remade immediately shared her multi-faceted vision of uniting the community in a common purpose, working towards a cleaner community, and, most important for Judy, rescuing animals in need. The vision was, quite simply, to raise funds through recycling glass.

Says Michella Hattingh, Marketing & PR Manager for Remade Recycling, I could sense the passion and determination in Judy’s voice as she shared her vision with me, and I knew that this was a project that Remade could get involved in.

This wasn’t going to be a charity or sponsorship project though. It had to be something that Judy would drive and Remade would logistically support. And that is exactly what it’s turned out to be.

Hattingh added, “ by May 2018 we could already see great success in this initiative  and so we agreed to place a skip to assist with the increased glass collection needs.”

That’s when Marthinus Dezel came on board and agreed to allow the placement of Recycle4Rescue’s first skip at the Marlands Shopping Centre.

 In the 6 months since Remade Recycling answered her call for a partner, and with the incredible support of the Primrose community, Recycle4Rescue has already collected over 20 tonnes of glass.

Because of this success, Remade Recycling decided to expand the collection area and place a second skip for the collection of recyclable glass in Bedfordview. 

For this stage of the project, grateful thanks goes to Dr Chris Killian and his team from the Bedfordview Veterinary Hospital who jumped at the opportunity to get involved with the Recycle4Rescue project and agreed to have the skip placed at their Vet Hospital.

 But all this success is only possible with the ongoing support of the community at large. Many companies in the area have already pledged their support to Recycle4Rescue by either supplying their recyclable bottle glass or by agreeing to be drop-off points for the community to take their recyclable bottle glass.

 In addition, much needed wheelie bins have been donated for placing at collection points. They still have a list of locations that have offered to be collection points but, as so often happens, not enough wheelie bins to place.

 Judy and her team continue their weekly “wheelie bin” duty which entails driving to each of their 10 collection points, emptying the wheelie bins and taking the glass to the Skips.

But that’s not where their work ends. They search out endless opportunities to collect glass at the source which sometimes means interrupting parties in the neighbourhood to secure the glass at the end of the party (which party-goers seem to be very willing to assist with).

Their public area clean-ups have also not gone unrewarded and, on one or two occasions, they have rescued abandoned puppies while collecting discarded glass – this is the essence of what Recycle4Rescue stands for.

 If you are looking for ways to assist Judy and her team at Recycle4Rescue, contact them to find out what their current requirements are. You can find them on Facebook and get up-to-date information on their glass collection volumes and, more importantly, all the animals that they have successfully rescued. You’ll also find the locations of their other collection points.




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